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Garry Kinnane

Location: Clifton Springs, Victoria, Australia — Main Language: en

I retired from the Department of English at Melbourne University in 2004, when I moved to Clifton Springs. I have written two biographies of Australians, and am continuing to research and write, concentrating now on autobiography and fiction. In my early twenties I began playing the guitar and singing folk songs, an activity which I both enjoyed and took seriously, in the sense that it was both an artistic a political expression, and a way of relating to the social changes taking place around me in the early nineteen sixties. After singing around the clubs and coffee lounges from 1961, I was among the first singers to perform at Traynors in 1964. At the end of that year I married and went abroad with Trevor Lucas and his wife, and in 1966 gave up performing in public to pursue university studies in England, where I lived for ten years. I changed to classical guitar in these years, and continued to play for personal satisfaction until very recently, when arthritis has made it difficult to continue.

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