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Richard Doctors

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Photo contributed by Johanne Costello
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Richard Doctors
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the missing link

Avatar Posted by richard doctors at Apr 21, 2009 08:15 AM
saw my photo as a sort of non-descript appendage to the list of past inmates of Traynors. Under the stern booking sergeant Don Carless, I played Traynors more times than most of the other names put together, often in the good company of Dave Brannigan. John fitzgerald. Chris Wendt and Tony Hunt. We became "The Colonials". and if you dont know about that legendary band then you're hopeless. I survived the pungent coffee, and when magnificent artists like Harry Robertson or Declan Affley were in town, Traynors was the place to be. Getting a gig was often politically charged, and rivalry was cut-throat. Danny Spooner has a case to answer in that regard. With other venues like the Outpost Inn and the Dan O'Connell, some of us scraped out a meagre living....but we were living the dream and loving it. I commend to these pages my dear friend Michael O'Rourke whose memory is linked to Traynor's. Traynors was part of the cultural fabric of Australia, and I am proud to have been there.