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Peter Howell

by Peter Howell last modified Aug 26, 2009 01:24 AM

Peter Howell

Peter Howell
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Double Bass

I was born in Melbourne in 1951.  My father Ron was a jazz guitarist and gave me my first guitar when I was 15 and at 16 he gave me the beautiful old German double bass I still play today.  I started playing double bass at age 16 at Melbourne High School.

I began hanging out at Frank Traynor’s Folk Club in 1968 where I met and started my musical career with the likes of Gordon McIntyre, Danny Spooner, Margret Roadknight and Dutch Tilders.  Thus the scene was set for a fabulous ride in the world of live and recorded music.

Over the years , I have been a member of over 20 bands; played on over 60 albums; toured England, Ireland, New Zealand and Hong Kong and extensively throughout Australia.

During 2002 and  2004 I designed and made my own semi-acoustic double bass with the maestro luthier Ian Noyce ( from Ballarat).  I also play Noyce Electric Basses exclusively.


Photo Album It Began Here by Peter Howell — last modified Aug 26, 2009 05:16 AM
I owe a lot to my discovering Frank Traynor's around 1968. I did my second gig there with Gordon McIntyre, began playing with Danny Spooner there, then Margret RoadKnight then .............. and now it's 2009 and I'm still going. Here's some pics of my musical journey so far.
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Avatar Posted by Teana Amor at Oct 31, 2008 06:02 PM
Hi Pete - loved your photos and didn't realize we had so many connections way back.
Keep smiling,
Love, Teana Amor xx


Avatar Posted by Bill Dettmer at Feb 03, 2009 07:40 PM
Pete. you are the man. But I didn't know you back at Traynor's (shame). I used to go there whenever I could, playing on amateur nights, and was given an early opening spot one Thursday or Friday for my troubles. In fact I used to try to be Mike McLellan in my guitar playing style, saying one night 'I'd like to play a Mike McLellan song'.. when who should walk in... of course I got every second note wrong and went redder than a communist's underpants.. but he was gracious.. as always ... Drop me a line one day to or have a listen to what i've been up to

Late 1970's Bluegrass Band Holler

Avatar Posted by David Bowler at Mar 22, 2009 05:44 AM
Hi Peter,
just saying hello and do you remember playing with the Holler Bluegarss Band at the Outpost Inn.